Kimberley Remote Attic Ladder Features on Channel 9's The Block

Having someone called Wombat call you to order a Kimberley Remote Control Ladders doesn’t happen every day. Little did we know at the time that he would become a household name as part of the dynamic duo Sticks and Wombat from The Block 2017.

Wombat had a light bulb moment when he was thinking about how they could access the storage space in the old section of their house. The idea was to have an attic ladder that didn’t require a hook or a step ladder to pull down the attic ladder from the ceiling but would instead slowly unfold at the press of a button. After some research Wombat found one company that made remote control attic ladders – Kimberley and gave us a call.

The Kimberley Remote Control Attic Ladder was an absolute hit, Shaynna Blaze (interior designer and judge) thought it was cool, while Neale Whitiker (another judge) said “I love a gadget when it really works”. Wombat believes that the Kimberley Remote Control Attic Ladder was the ‘icing on the cake’ that secured their win for this room.

View below the judges reactions;

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